As Minnesota’s First Winery and Brewery, we are excited by the opportunity to couple wine and beer and bring you fine hand-crafted products.



Dirty Up Blonde

Dirty Up Blonde

Style: American Blonde Ale

Light bodied beer with soft subtle malty sweetness, with grainy flavors. Medium low fruity esters give way to a very subtle spicy hop character. Finishes dry with medium to high carbonation.

ABV 5.0%  21 IBU

Mocha Monkey Coffee Ale

Mocha Monkey Coffee Ale

Style: Northern English Brown Ale

Made in collaboration with Mocha Monkey, our hometown coffee shop, this English-style beer is spiked with fresh cold press coffee. The malt provides supporting notes of toast, caramel, and dark chocolate. While dark in color, this session-strength beer is surprisingly light bodied with relaxed carbonation.

ABV 4.9%  27 IBU

Runway Red Ale

Runway Red Ale

Style: American Red Ale

Our red ale has an intense tropical fruit nose with a rich caramel malt flavor, with light bready notes. The Citra hops that we dry hop this beer with give it grapefruit, peach, mango and pineapple flavors. This beer finishes dry inviting you in for another drink.

ABV 6.5%  40 IBU

Schram Weisse

Schram Weisse

Style: German Weissebier (Wheat Beer)

Strong citrus and clove phenols in the nose with slight banana and a very subtle bubblegum flavor. Wheat malt gives nice grainy and bready malt sweetness. Finishes dry and always effervescent.

ABV 5.1%  11 IBU

Puddle Hopper IPA

Puddle Hopper IPA

Style: Minnesota IPA

Using local hops grown in Jordan, MN and Dayton, MN, this beer boasts bold bitterness with over 90 IBUs.  Notes of citrus and pine dominate and are pleasantly balanced with a weighty malt backbone with hints of caramel.

ABV 7.4%  93 IBU


In addition to our flagship beers, we also have the following rotational and seasonal craft brews on tap. 

Billabong Pale Ale

Billabong Pale Ale

Style: American Pale Ale

Billabong Pale Ale, is a full-bodied, classic American Pale Ale. Australian Vic Secret hops drive a pale ale bursting with flavor and aroma. Full-bodied yet refreshing, the bitter finish will leave your taste buds craving more.

ABV 5.2 %  54 IBU

First Class IPA

First Class IPA

Style: Double IPA

First Class is an IPA that takes it to the next level for the drinker. This classy, double dry hoped, deep golden ale exudes aromas and flavors of grapefruit juice, lime peel, and tangerine zest. The subtle notes of blueberry, fresh herbs, and apricot bring an added component of refinement to this 100+ IBU creation. With an ABV of 8.1%, enjoy but be cautious to not become too frequent of a flyer. 

ABV 8.1%  134 IBU

Sparkling Aussie Ale

Sparkling Aussie Ale

Style: Australian Sparkling Ale

Smooth and crushable. Inspired by our Australian brewery manager, Scott, this Australian sparkling ale blends premium Midwest malt with the best Australian Galaxy hops.  An extra dry finish is balanced with a hint of creamy papaya and a citrus nose.

ABV 5.1% 33 IBU

Smoking Aces Porter

Smoking Aces Porter

Style: Porter

Medium bodied beer with light roasted notes followed by caramel and chocolate. The main flavor in this beer is a light smoke that comes from the beach wood malt called smoked beach wood. The Willamette hops give this porter a slightly earthy and spicy aroma and flavor.

ABV 7.2%  55 IBU

Pale Ryder Ale

Pale Ryder Ale

Style: Pale Ale

This refreshing pale ale comes in with a slight caramel herbal malt that gives way to a piney, lingering dry finish.  A medium hop aroma compliments an intense mineral hop flavor.

ABV 5.4 % 56 IBU

Champagne Cream Ale

Champagne Cream Ale

Style: Cream Ale

Mellow bodied with a subtle creamy corn sweetness and mild malt notes. This cream ale finishes with a dry, brut finish due to the addition of champagne yeast.


ABV 4.2% 17 IBU

Retail Locations

Looking for our beer on tap at local establishments?  We are continuing to add more.  Here is a list of establishments we have partnered with who carry our beer. Want to be featured here? Click here to contact us for distribution.

Vandy’s Grille in Waconia

Union 32 in Eagan

Iron Tap in Waconia

Lola’s in Waconia

Pangea Cafe in Waconia

Floyd’s in Victoria

Dakota Junction in Mound

Local Roots in Richfield

K&B Fish Co. in Waconia

First Draft in Minneapolis

Red Bench Bakery in Chaska 

Old Chicago in Eden Prairie