Bocce Ball 

Our Bocce Ball courts are open first come, first serve during our regular business hours for small groups.  Any participants under the age of 21 must be accompanied by an adult and may not be on the courts unattended.  So that we can maintain the courts in good playing condition for those who would like to play bocce ball, we respectfully ask that the courts not be used as a sandbox!


Bocce Ball Leagues

League registration will begin in late February/early March.  If you are interested in getting a team together to play, please email  All teams from previous year will be have first priority registration.   All league participants must be 21+.  Teams of 4, but you may roster up to 6.  

Leagues run end of May through August.  

Thursday Session 1

May 23rd – July 11th (skip July 4th)

Make-up date will be Friday, June 28th

If a game gets canceled due to weather, the schedule will delay one week

If the tournament game is canceled, it will reschedule to July 12th.

Thursdays Session 2:

July 18th- August 29th

Make-up game for regular season if needed will be Friday, August 23rd.

If the tournament game is canceled due to weather, the make-up date will be Thursday, September 5th. 


June 23rd- August 18th

No play July 28th – Waconia Wine Festival

Make-up game August 25th

Game times 1pm and 2pm



The Objective of Bocce

The object of Bocce is to get as many of your bocci (bigger, weighted balls) as close to the jack (smaller target ball) as possible. If you are successful in getting the bocci closer to the jack than your opponent, you will be awarded points. Each team has 4 players maximum, if a team has less than 4 players, the missing player’s turn is skipped unless the opposing captain declares that a player can fill in a second turn.  Two players for each team go to each end of the court or side. There are 4 balls to a side, or team, and they are made in two colors or patterns to distinguish the balls of one team from the 4 balls of the opposing team.

A coin toss decides who will take the first throw of the jack. The jack is thrown out by a member of the team having won the coin toss to start the game. The same player throwing the jack must deliver the first bocce ball.

Scoring in Bocce

Only one team scores points during a single frame. If Team A has the closest throw, and Team B has the 2nd and 3rd closest, only Team A is awarded a point. A team can be awarded up to a maximum of 4 points, if all four of their bocci is closest to the jack. This “nearest ball”, rule governs the sequence of thrown balls. The side whose bocce is the closest to the jack is called the “in” ball and the opposing side the “out” ball. Whenever a team gets “in” it steps aside and allows the “out” team to bowl. A team has the option of rolling, throwing, bouncing, banking, etc. its ball down the court provided it does not go out of bounds or the player does not violate the foul markers. A player also has the option of “spocking” or hitting out any ball in play in trying to obtain a point, or decreasing the opposing team’s points.

Time Limit and Scoring

At the end of each frame (when both teams have exhausted 4 balls each), a designated official or designee of each team, will determine the points scored. This person will also be responsible for keeping track of the matches (3- 20 minute matches per game).

Scoring points are all those ball of one team closer to the jack than the closest ball of the opposing team, which can be determined by viewing or by mechanical measurement.

In the event that the two balls closest to the jack belong to opposing teams and are exactly the same distance from the jack, no points will be awarded, and the jack returns to the team which delivered it. Only balls which are distinguishably closer to the jack than any opponent’s balls may be awarded points.

Each game will consist of three 20 minute matches. The winner of the game is the best of 3 matches with no score limit during those 20 minutes.  Ties are reported as well if no winner is established within those 20 minutes.

Reporting Results

The winning team of each round will be responsible for reporting the results to the Schram team member working in the tasting room. Schram will keep records of all rounds. The 7th week of play will be the finals. Match-ups will be determined based on season team records and the play will be a single elimination tournament.

History of Bocce Ball:

Bocce ball, otherwise known as bocci, boccie, volo, lawn bowling, or Italian bowling, is played with the small ball, also known as the jack or pallino, and eight larger balls. The jack acts as a target as bocce balls can be thrown or rolled, with points given to the team closest to the jack.