We always strive to give great customer service to all of our guests and provide a unique wine and beer experience.  We are a full functioning working facility where grapes are grown, processed and made into wine and beer is brewed.  Following these policies and procedures will help achieve an enjoyable visit for you and for all guests.  During your visit, please keep in mind that we are a private business – a winery and a brewery in a country setting with neighbors.  

  • There is no outside food allowed inside the tasting room, with the exception of Food Truck food or food sold from Schram.  We do sell meat and cheese plates for pairing in the tasting room.
  • There are NO hard coolers, rolling coolers or wagons, party trays, pizzas, or cakes allowed on the grounds.  
  • No dogs or pets allowed on the property.  While we do love them, prior incidences have required us to have this policy in place.  Thank you for understanding! 
  • Please be prepared with a valid ID. All guests who are drinking must be 21 years of age and have valid identification.  
  • Children must be closely supervised at all times. We are a vineyard and our primary focus is on agri-tourism.  For the safety of your children, the enjoyment of other winery guests, and respect for our neighbors, we must ask that children of all ages are with an adult at all times and not left to run around the property or be in the tasting room on their own.  Please do not let children climb trees, throw rocks in the bocce courts, play in the landscaping, or use the vineyards as a ball field.  If this level of supervision or behavior can not be met, we ask that you make arrangements to leave children at home. Thank you for your understanding.  
  • No balloons, decorations, party favors, gifts, or table decor may be brought into the tasting room or our outdoor space when we are open to the public.  Please enjoy the natural beauty and ambiance of our setting. 
  • We do not reserve tables on the patio or in the tasting room during our regular business hours.  If you are planning a gathering of 12 or more people,  please contact events@schramvineyards.com to make arrangements and discuss details of your event.  
  • Large groups and buses – please email info@schramvineyards.com to make arrangements for your visit.  Unannounced buses may be turned away if we can not accommodate your group. 
  • There is no parking on Airport Rd. 
  • No outside beverages allowed on the property.
  • Returning your glass to the bar or designated area when you are finished is greatly appreciated.  
  • Photography Policy: We do not allow any paid professional photo shoots to take place on our property without prior permission.  We do require an agreement of a fee or product purchases to be made and photo shoots are only available during select times at the discretion of Schram as to not disrupt the experience for other guests.  Please email info@schramvineyards.com for more information.    
  • Participation in agri-tourism activities is at your own risk.  Schram Vineyards Winery & Brewery accepts no liability for any injuries sustained during your visit.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, or to remove guests who are disruptive, disorderly, or disrespectful. Please use tasting room etiquette and respect our staff and other guests of our tasting and tap room.  

Thank you for your cooperation and for respecting our business and other winery and brewery guests.